Central Arizona Butterfly Association

Phoenix Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association.

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The mission of CAzBA is to promote the enjoyment of recreational butterflying by providing educational, research, and recreational opportunities to schools and the public throughout central Arizona.

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Meetings and Events

Meetings are held mostly in the winter, and outdoor fieldtrips during the rest of the year. Depending on the temperatures, we will go to higher elevation areas to stay comfortable. Check our events schedule for details

Butterflying Locations

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Recent news

5/18/2020      In memory of Tom Lazzelle...

One of our members Tom Lazzelle passed away recently. Tom had a dry sense of humor and was very interested in butterflies and natural history in general. He will be missed! read more »

3/25/2020      CAzBA president: Butterfly walk cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear CAzBA members and supporters: CAzBA has a butterflying trip to the Superstitions scheduled for 28 March. Please note that trip has been cancelled. Although these trips are outside – a relatively safe place to be – the expected number of participants and other factors make it unlikely we can run it in a way that conforms to CDC guidelines for minimizing transmission of the COVID-19. Hence, we will not lead a trip to the Superstitions this month. This trip was to be the first of our monthly trips for 2020. We hope conditions will change so that we can safely run future trips but please check for updates on those trips on our website (cazba.org) and on our Facebook page. I am sure many of you saw the email recently sent to NABA members, but, if not, I have appended it below this note. It promotes getting out and butterflying, obviously alone or in very small groups, during this time when many of us are “sheltering-in-place.” I fully endorse this. On a trip to the Mazatzals last week I counted 16 species and I was not trying all that hard. It was a wonderful antidote to the stresses of this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy. Ron Rutowski President, Central Arizona Butterfly Association ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Bond with Butterflies. Everyone here at NABA hopes that everyone, including all NABA members, stays safe during these difficult times. The advice being given to slow the spread of Covid-19, is to stay home. While this is good and important advice, what is really meant is to avoid contact with other people, and the best way for most people to do this is to stay home – don't go to the supermarket, don't visit other people. However, as butterfliers, you have another option – go butterflying! Yes, this is a good time to visit natural areas where there will be few, if any, people. If you do encounter people in a large natural area, it will be easy to avoid contact with them. And, because automobile traffic is almost non-existent, you may be able to roam farther afield than you could have when slowed by traffic. In addition, there may be close family members that live with you -- a spouse, children, parents -- who haven't completely shared your enthusiasm for butterflying. This is an opportunity (one that we wish we didn't have) to encourage them to get out of the house and join you in your pursuit of natural beauty. So, to revisit, maybe you can bond with butterflies and bond with family members at the same time! Consider your safety; consider the safety of others. read more »

3/10/2020      Butterfly Wonderland: Bring Back the Pollinators – Spring Plant Sale

Saturday and Sunday, March 14-15, 9am-4pm in Courtyard. Take home beautiful spring plants to boost your seasonal butterfly, hummingbird and bee friendly gardens. Ask a Master Gardener questions about starting a butterfly garden. The Nature Conservancy will have a booth. Plant prices range from $9.95 to $19.95, with proceeds benefiting the Butterfly Wonderland Foundation. read more »

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