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Tonto Creek

In July, butterflying can be good along Tonto Creek, elevation 6000’ – 6500’, in the Mongollon Rim area and it doesn’t require a high-clearance vehicle. There are several places to stop along the 3 mile road up to the Tonto Fish Hatchery. On the weekends it could be a little busy to butterfly along the asphalt road, but on weekdays, it’s quite nice and the temperatures (high 70’s) beat the Valley’s. Important nectarplants are: AZ Thistle, Butterfly Weed, Buckbrush, Watercress, Bergamot, Dogbane. A total of 36 species were seen in July 2011, with as highlights: Sylvan Hairstreak (pictured), Common Wood-Nymph, Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur.

Directions: take Hwy 260 East out of Payson for about 16 miles and take the turn-off North to the Tonto Fish Hatchery

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