Central Arizona Butterfly Association

Phoenix Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association.

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The mission of CAzBA is to promote the enjoyment of recreational butterflying by providing educational, research, and recreational opportunities to schools and the public throughout central Arizona.

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Meetings and Events

Meetings are held mostly in the winter, and outdoor fieldtrips during the rest of the year. Depending on the temperatures, we will go to higher elevation areas to stay comfortable. Check our events schedule for details

Butterflying Locations

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Recent news

6/12/2019      Upcoming Travel Tours to Costa Rica & Mexico with Butterfly Wonderland

*Informative info (not affiliated with CAZBA). Join Butterfly Wonderland Director of Education Adriane Grimaldi Sept. 28 thru Oct. 5, 2019 in Costa Rica as the group visits a local Butterfly Farm, travels to volcano, enjoys the beach, tranquil waterfalls in the rainforest and learns more about where the beautiful tropical butterflies come from. Mark your calendar for an amazing trip with Butterfly Wonderland to visit the Mexico Monarch Overwintering Sites Feb. 21-28, 2020. This is a bucket list kind of trip. See millions of Monarchs in the forest trees in Mexico, visit beautiful cathedrals in Mexico City, and visit the Cosmovitral Botanical Gardens. For more information, contact Adriane Grimaldi at adriane@butterflywonderland.com read more »

5/31/2019      "Vanishing Point" Art Show by member & painter TJ Oxley

{9} The Gallery presents Vanishing Point, a new series by Arizona-based acrylic painter TJ Oxley, opening First Friday, June 7th, 6-10 PM at {9} The Gallery, 1229 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. Through this series, Oxley creates a dialogue around environmental awareness and the threats endangering animal species on our planet. His haunting works quiver with the essence of near loss; a point of disappearance. read more »

5/26/2019      Fieldtrip report 25 May: dragonflies and damselflies of Papago Park with Justin Jones.

It was fun exploring the 3 old fish hatchery ponds at Papago Park! A nice crowd of 20 adults and 4 kids showed up eager to learn about the differences between dragonflies and damselflies, the dragonfly life-cycle, names of colorful species zipping around or laying eggs on vegetation floating in the ponds. We found a total of 18 species, some small, some big, some colorful and some really cool! Here is the list: Blue-ringed Dancer (8), Dusky Dancer (7), Rambur’s Forktail (6), Familiar Bluet (35), Common Green Darner (1), Red-tailed Pennant (2), Black Setwing (1), Western Pondhawk (4), Plateau Dragonlet (2), Comanche Skimmer (1) pictured!, Flame Skimmer (2), Straw-colored Sylph (2), Roseate Skimmer (2), Blue Dasher (9), Wandering Glider (3), Mexican Amberwing (5), Black Saddlebags (3), Red Saddlebags (2). We will organize another dragonfly walk in the fall. Stay tuned! read more »

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Upcoming Field Trips and Events

8/24/2019 6:30 AM - 3:30 PM Field trip: East Clear Creek with Kurt Radamaker 
8/27/2019 6:00 PM - 9:00 AM Moth Night at Gilbert Riparian Institute (also known as the Gilbert Water Ranch) 
9/7/2019 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM 13th Annual Butterfly Count at Boyce Thompson ArboretumBoyce Thompson Arboretum
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