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Sunflower - Sycamore Creek and Mt Ord

Sycamore Creek at Sunflower is an excellent mid elevation riparian chapparral mix of Oak, Pinyon and Sycamore. Mt. Ord has a great Oak-Pine mix forest, and along the lower slopes has some good hilltoping areas of mixed chapparal. The turnoff to old hwy 87 is about 28 miles from the intersection of Shea and Hwy 87 (The Beeline) Other areas along hwy 87 to check include the turnoff to Four Peaks, about 15 miles from said intersection, it has good desert wash willow riparian habitat, the Ballantine Trail has excellent Sonoran desert habitat, and up the hill is a good place to look for hill-toppers.

Take Hwy 87 from the intersection of Shea 15 Miles to the Four Peaks turnoff. Turn left and go about 1 mile to the desert wash, a bit further along hwy 87 is the Ballantine Trail. Sycamore Creek is about 28 miles from said intersection. Take the left turnout before crossing the bridge over sycamore creek (If you miss the turn off you can make a u-turn a few hundred feet after the bridge) take this road past the residential area (or stop here to butterfly) to the end of the road. The end is blocked by boulders and mounds of dirt. From here hike along the road searching for bugs. The turnoff to Mt Ord is well marked and about 10 miles from Sunflower, exit to the right and you will start climbing immediately.

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