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Field trip report: butterflies along the Col. Devin Trail by Marceline VandeWater 5 June 2021

Monday, June 7, 2021

The weather was perfect this year! 13 Participants started up the Col. Devin Trail from Washington Park Trailhead and were surprised how lush this area is despite the lack of much rain. 19 species of butterflies were seen within the group, with no real surprises this year, but I think Ticket Hairstreak and Western Tiger Swallowtail were the favorites. Total list: Two-tailed Swallowtail (3), Western Tiger Swallowtail (1), Mexican Yellow (1), Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur (10), Bramble Hairstreak (2), Thicket Hairstreak (1), Marine Blue (6), Spring “Echo” Azure (8), Acmon Blue (3), Zela Metalmark (15), Northwestern “Atlantis” Fritillary (7), Mylitta Crescent (3), Red-spotted Purple (3), Weidemeyer’s Admiral (4), Arizona Sister (7), Mourning Cloak (3), Silver-spotted Skipper (9), Northern Cloudywing (2), Common Checkered Skipper (1). I want to thank all participants for a great trip! Hope you will come out again soon!

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