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Phoenix Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association.

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The mission of CAzBA is to promote the enjoyment of recreational butterflying by providing educational, research, and recreational opportunities to schools and the public throughout central Arizona.

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Meetings and Events

Meetings are held mostly in the winter, and outdoor fieldtrips during the rest of the year. Depending on the temperatures, we will go to higher elevation areas to stay comfortable. Check our events schedule for details

Butterflying Locations

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Recent news

5/24/2022      Field trip report: Colonel Devin Trail 21 May 2022 by Marceline VandeWater

The weather was very nice with temperatures between 64 and 75 degrees! The trail was rocky and steep in places, but the plants lush and the flowers pretty. Together we observed 30 species of butterflies: Western Tiger Swallowtail (1), Two-tailed Swallowtail (5), Orange Sulphur (4), Southern Dogface (2), Mexican Yellow (3), Queen-Alexandra’s Sulphur (3), Dainty Sulphur (5), Western Green Hairstreak (2) (old name: Bramble), Marine Blue (1), Reakirt’s Blue (2), Spring “Echo” Azure (24), Acmon Blue (4), Zela Metalmark (20), Variegated Fritillary (2), Northwestern Fritillary (4) (old name: Atlantis), Mylitta Crescent (3), American Lady (1), Common Buckeye (14), Tropical Buckeye (1), Red-spotted Purple (2), Weidemeyer’s Admiral (1), Arizona Sister (3), Silver-spotted Skipper (20), Northern Cloudywing (2), Rocky Mountain Duskywing (2), Com/White Checkered-Skipper (2), Northern White-Skipper (3), Golden-headed Scallopwing (1), Orange Skipperling (2), Deva Skipper (1). I want to thank all participants for a great trip! Hope you will come out again soon! read more »

4/26/2022      Field trip report: Rackensack Canyon 23 April 2022 by Adriane Grimaldi.

We had 20 people attend our Rackensack/Sears Kay Ruin Hike this past Saturday, led by Ron Rutowski and Adriane Grimaldi. We had perfect weather and spotted 22 butterfly species. We had some new people attend the hike - some people found out about hike from Audubon Society, others from Facebook, while some were employees from Butterfly Wonderland. We also had a father and daughter and others who brought their fun two dogs. We had participants that represented their favorite animals - birds, people who knew about plants, butterfly experts and some cool people that knew tons about bugs. They even spotted a Blister Beetle. Here is the list of our 22 butterfly species Pipevine Swallowtail, Two-tailed Swallowtail, Dainty Sulphur, Sleepy Orange, Southern Dogface, Checkered White, Marine Blue, Spring Azure, Common Buckeye, Empress Leilia, Queen, Red-spotted Purple, California Patch, Elada Checkerspot, Arizona Sister, Funereal Duskywing, Meridian Duskywing, Common/White Checkered Skipper, Orange Skipperling, Common Streaky Skipper, Northern White Skipper, Golden-headed Scallopwing Not bad for a morning walk in central Arizona! read more »

4/3/2022      NABA Talk - A way to connect with NABA members

NABA has a new feature that's available to all members, NABA Talk, a forum for members to post questions to other NABA members. All you need to do is log into your NABA account and sign up to receive forum messages at NABA Talk. If you haven’t used our new system, click "Forgot password" and follow the prompts. You will be emailed a password link with additional information and will then be able to login. After logging in, you will be able to see your account and subscribe to all the forums or individual topics. To go to the NABA log-in page, click the NABA butterfly logo on the top right of this article! Thanks for helping the butterflies of North America! read more »

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Upcoming Field Trips and Events

6/25/2022 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Field trip Boyce Thompson Arboretum with Ron Rutowski and Laura MillerBoyce Thompson Arboretum
7/16/2022 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM Fieldtrip Aspen Corner with Marianne Jensen and Phil McNallyFlagstaff / San Francisco Peaks
9/10/2022 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM 16th Annual Butterfly Count at Boyce Thompson ArboretumBoyce Thompson Arboretum
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